SMPNurse Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program is as painless as they come, with no red tape and nothing to register for. All you need to do is work; focusing on what you do best — caring for patients — and we’ll take care of the rest.

SMP offers all our Nurses/CNA the opportunity to earn a $550 loyalty bonus for every 500 hours worked. In fact, you’re automatically enrolled in the program the second you start an assignment with us!

Receive your first payout of $150 after working 150 hours. Then, receive $250 after your next 200 hours work then, receive $150 after you complete 150 hours

We will continuously keep tabs on your hours worked throughout the year and you can check the status of your loyalty bonus with your recruiter. On-call hours do not count towards the loyalty bonus, so if you are keeping track be sure to subtract On-Call hours from your hours Worked on your pay stub. Of course, Call Back hours are included in your loyalty bonus.

Your work is hard enough, so with the SMP program you simply work 500 hours, you’re paid $550.

You work another 500 hours, you’ve earned yourself another $550, and on and on and on — Told you it was easy! 

Employee Referral Program

Share your love for Saint Michael Professionals (SMP) with friends and co-workers! Simply have them call 1.888.721.1996 or apply online —- just make sure they mention your name and ask for your Career consultant.

For every nurse you refer who is a new candidate to Saint Michael Professionals, and accepts a Nursing position with us and works at least 30 days you get $500 cash referral bonus!

So, your friend gets a great job and you get a bonus —-total win-win! Plus, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer or bonuses you can receive.

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