recruitment process

SMP's recruitment process

The process involved in recruitment can be very resource intensive and time consuming, sometimes taking months to complete, and because you want to be sure to hire the right person, the stakes are high.

It’s important to give the steps involved in the recruitment process the proper attention, even though it may be difficult to do while still focusing on the core responsibilities of your business. A summary of recruitment process steps is listed below:

The recruitment process steps outlined above provide a general guideline to cover the majority of recruiting situations. Although every business will have specific needs when it comes to recruitment, these steps should give business owners an idea of the overall process.

At SMP, we manage the process involved in recruitment so you can focus on running your business. Our customized recruitment process steps begin with a team of two, highly trained and qualified consultants, working side by side on your account.

Both consultants operate out of a local branch office near you, enabling them to spend time with you and your current employees on-site to get an insider’s view of your recruitment needs, and they are trained and knowledgeable in the best recruitment solutions. They are also responsible for the implementation of your custom recruitment plan, so there is unequaled accountability and never a gap in service.

SMP’s process involves

SMP’s process of recruitment involves an intimate understanding of your company and your culture. While we find you the right match, you get to continue to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. We also ensure that you get the right person the first time, which reduces employee turnover and ultimately saves you time and money.